Property Management Landlord Rescue Program

If you are a Landlord in Salt Lake, Davis, Utah, or Washington counties and you are just looking for help with a few services, this is the program for you. We provide our Owner Clients the opportunity to delegate to us specific services. This is a way to rid yourself of some of the larger headaches of residential property management and keep the ones you enjoy. Whether you own one income property or an entire portfolio, we’ll provide you with the right solution to help make your investment property a success.

Our À La Carte Services Include:

Leasing Service*: $500

Our services also allow you to manage your property on your own, but not alone. Not all property owners need complete management services – we realize that. If you have the time and interest to do some of the management of your property yourself, you may find that selecting services from our À la carte menu is the way to go. You may elect to take advantage of any number of these services that are designed to make management of your home simple and efficient:
a. TierOne will provide a rental price estimate and advise the owner as to any improvements necessary to lease the property at the highest rate possible in a timely manner
b. Advertise the property on TierOne’s website and syndicate to over 25 other rental websites
c. Coordinate property viewings (through our showing service only)
d. Review applications, perform background and credit screening of applicants, verify employment, interview past landlords, interview, and select the most highly qualified applicant

Lease Agreement, Pet, Pest, and Smoking Addendum*: $500

a. Prepare lease agreement
b. Provide applicant required federal, state, and county disclosures
c. Collect first month’s rent and security deposit from tenant, provide tenant with keys, and a move-in inspection form

Leasing Service with Lease Agreement and Addendum*: $550

Packaged service

Background and Credit Report Service: $95

a. Background and Credit Report
b. Eviction Report
c. Employment Report
d. Past Rental History Report
e. Co-Applicant report fee is an additional $50 per

Bi-annual inspection: $100/inspection

a. Coordination with all vendors and tenants
b. Inspect ALL rooms, halls, and spaces for damage beyond normal wear and tear
c. Pictures of troubled areas
d. Yard/outdoor areas surveyed for cleanliness and pet sign
e. Inspection of roof, shingles, and rain gutters for obvious damage
f. Replace furnace filters
g. Clean refrigerator coil
h. Check all smoke detectors and CO2 detectors are in working order
i. Seasonal items – hoses removed, central air breakers tripped, and sprinkler timers adjusted

Payment Processing and Accounting Services*: $71/month/tenant

a. Tenant and owner accounting portal showing a full accounting of rents, utilities, fees, etc.
b. Collect and hold tenant/owner’s security deposits in accordance with Utah law
c. Electronic collection of rents (EFT)
d. Electronic disbursement of Owners funds (EFT)
e. Monthly, quarterly, yearly, and year to date statements
f. End of year statements for tax preparer
g. Goal planning

Miscellaneous services:

a. Emergency Repair and Rehab Contracting: 20% of service provided
b. Lock Change Service: $71/hour + parts
c. House Cleaning and Trash-out Service: by Bid
d. Carpet Cleaning: by Bid
e. Lawncare and Snow Removal: by Bid
f. Buyer and Seller/Legal representation: $95/hr, 1 hr minimum
g. Landlord Lifeline Call: $95/hr, 1 hr minimum

* Leasing Services and Payment Processing/Accounting Services require a property management contract.

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