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It is possible to earn money from your rental property without all the stress that comes from acting as a landlord. Our local property managers take care of all the details, from helping you plan pricing through emergency and maintenance services. TierOne Real Estate is a full-service property management company based in Salt Lake City, Utah serving Salt Lake, Davis, Utah, and Washington counties. Click Here for a full description of our services.

Our ability to perform all of these tasks with professionalism and efficiency at the highest levels is what has led TierOne to become an unquestioned leader in property management. We do it all for much less, and we do a better job than the competition. With our property managers, you can rest easy knowing that your residential rental unit is in good hands.

For the best in full service property management, call our knowledgeable and friendly staff today at (801) 486-6200 and they will be more than happy to discuss your specific property rental needs and what makes TierOne the right choice when it comes to property management.

Reputation Reviews

What sets us apart from other Utah Property Managers?

Every time a new owner or tenant becomes a client or customer, we get to see what other companies are doing wrong, and what we are doing right! Here's a list of items what we either do differently - or excel at in our Salt Lake, Utah, and Washington County markets.

Owner / Landlord Features and Benefits

  • We have 24/7 maintenance 365 days a year 
    We have backups to the backups to protect your home
  • Custom Lease Agreements
    Protects home owners by addressing most conceivable scenarios
  • We rent homes FASTER than any other company
    The number of homes we offer allows us to offer our tenants alternatives
  • We have a single Owner point of contact
    We operate in teams, but the Owner works with one Senior Property Manager  
  • We have a standardized 5%rent increase on all homes
    Your income keeps up with inflation and makes you more money
  • We email statements directly to Owner
    They're also available online to review at your convenience
  • We offer the option for professional photos and video
    Strong marketing = better tenants
  • Extensive tenant screening at no cost to Owner
    Strong screening = better tenants
  • We are members of NARPM and IREM 
    We are professionals and have the credentials to back it up
  • In-house Handyman maintenance
    We have control of our vendors saving Owners time and money
  • Bi annual preventative maintenance packages
    We negotiate packages with vendors to save Owners money
  • Security Deposit Disposition
    Protects Owners best interests
  • 24/7 Owner Portal access
    Conveniently access all Owner statements, draws, & maintenance requests
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Reports
    Available online when you need them

Tenant Features and Benefits - Why Rent From Us?

  • On-Line Tenant Portal
    Submit Work Orders, pay rent, review statements
  • Posted Screening Criteria
    Know BEFORE you apply if you qualify to rent our homes
  • On-Line application process
    No delivering paper applications
  • Electronic lease signing
    Sign your lease using your electronic device
  • On-Line Payment Systems
    Set up on-line automatic rent payments
  • Lockbox move in option
    Pickup keys right out of the lockbox at your new home
  • Sight-unseen lease option
    Lease a home from out of town
  • Tenant Liability Insurance
    Low cost liability insurance
  • 24/7 Maintenance Reporting
    Reach a Live Person for Maintenance 24/7
  • Early lease termination options
    Ability to end a lease agreement early
  • Annual Home Assessments
    Full home assessment yearly for repair issues
  • Lockbox maintenance option
    Do not have to be present for repairs
  • Move Out Pictures and Video
    Full documentation of move out condition
  • Security Deposit Itemization
    Full accounting of Security Deposit
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