What Our Tenants Want You to Know

1) TierOne Real Estate conducts periodic walk-throughs of the home you will live in. We take pictures of the interior and exterior of the home during those walk-through’s. This information is kept on record and shared with the owner. If this standard walk through procedure is going to cause you a problem – we recommend you stop now and do not apply for one of our homes.

2) Non-Disparagement / Representations. The Tenant is prohibited from making disparaging remarks, statements, or publications regarding the other to any third party, internet, web-based, cloud based, or “review” type publication or site. If any dispute arises regarding whether any remark, statement, or publication is disparaging, the parties agree that for purposes of this provision, expressly including the enforcement of this provision, that any remark, statement, or publication shall be irrefutably deemed disparaging at the sole discretion of TierOne Real Estate. If the remark and/or publication is not removed within 72 hours of requests the Tenant will be charged $300 (three-hundred dollars) per day. Tenant agrees that enforcement of this provision is appropriate through a temporary restraining order and/or injunctions and permanent injunctions, notwithstanding any rights under the First Amendment to the United States and/or Utah Constitutions or other codified statute, regulation, or code and will survive termination of the lease.

3) During the last 30 days of your lease agreement a sign and lockbox may be placed on the home and you will be required to show the home to prospective new tenants. You may opt out of this arrangement, but it will cost an additional fee of one month’s rent to do so.

4) TierOne is a ZERO TOLERANCE company in regards to rent collection. Rent is due the 1st of each month, late the 3rd of each month. Late fees begin midnight on the 3rd of the month and will continue to accrue until paid. If rent has not been paid by that point, late fees will be applied with no exceptions. We encourage all tenants to pay via our online system for the most secure and traceable method of payment.

5) Site Un-Seen Application and Approval. It is possible to apply for the home, be approved, and sign a lease agreement without ever seeing one of our homes in person. In such a scenario, we require an incoming approved tenant to sign a Site Un-Seen Addendum to the Lease Agreement. In that form, we ask you name a “Trusted Advisor” outside of TierOne Real Estate who has offered you their opinion of the condition of the home.

6) Monthly Tenant Administration Fee: $11.00 --- This monthly fee offsets the cost of ACH payments, On-Line Payments, In Person Payments, Tenant Portal Access, Electronic Statements, and 24-Hour Maintenance Hotline.

7) Move-In Orientation Fee: All new tenants at lease signing will pay a one-time Move-In Orientation Fee of $100.00. Within the first three (3) business days of the tenant move in, arrangements will be made for a walk-through inspection and home orientation with TORE Property Services. This “third-party” will provide an independent inspection and orientation. A representative from TierOne Real Estate will not be present. Any requested work orders must be submitted separately. The inspector will provide the tenant with a brief orientation and instructions on basic home maintenance, including changing air filters, unclogging a garbage disposal, water cut-offs, smoke alarms, fuse & breaker box locations, and GFCI resets. The written report will include interior and exterior photos. Interior photos will be of each room, included equipment, any damaged or defective conditions, and an overall view of most areas. A copy of this report will be sent to the tenant and TierOne for record. This Move-In Orientation Inspection does not take the place of the required Inventory and Condition Form made available for the tenant to complete at Lease Signing.

8) Tenant Liability Insurance: All tenants are required to have and maintain sufficient insurance coverage. This is outlined in detail in your lease. Further information can be found HERE.

9) This list is not all encompassing. In order to avoid conflict and avoidable fees and charges, please review your lease found on the Resident Portal as well as the Resident Resources page on this website.