looking-at-propertyTierOne Property Management is Utah’s industry’s leader in professional property management, and we’re dedicated to making your investment profitable and enjoyable.

We are committed to fulfilling your residential property management needs through knowledge, honesty, integrity, and value. At our core we are a full-service Salt Lake City, UT property management company that also offers a wide range of real estate and investment services. We have been based in Utah for almost two decades.

Our property management team can help you:

  • Maximize return
  • Bypass costly mistakes
  • Minimize delays
  • Produce long-term income growth
  • Keep 100% informed on your properties 24/7, wherever you are

You wouldn’t try to manage your retirement investment or insurance policies on your own, and the same is true for investment properties – you need the best in property management companies if you hope to get maximum returns on your Salt Lake City, Utah, property.

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