Resident Rewards Program

Rent day is now rewards day. You’ll get cash, gift cards, and exclusive discounts you can use to save up to $4500/year on everyday expenses.

Ever paid rent on time and gotten nothing for it?  Not anymore! Now, you’ll be rewarded for paying your rent on-time with our Resident Rewards program. Upon move-in you should receive a welcome email from Piñata - simply download the app to your smart device using the link included. If you didn't receive the email - contact our office. Throughout the first 12 months, you have the potential to earn gift cards totaling $128 along with substantial savings when shopping in the Piñata online marketplace. To kick things off, you’ll be awarded a $25 gift card for just downloading the app followed by another $30 for paying your first rental payment, on-time. Then, each month thereafter, you’ll receive monthly rewards when you pay your rent on-time. And, we are just getting started - rewards are likely to expand over time

  • $100+ Annual value for our residents
  • $30 gift card for national and local brands after downloading the app and signing up
  • Receive more rewards every month on rent day - only when you pay rent on time
  • Unlock more rewards and perks each month you use the service
  • Exclusive perks marketplace for big savings
  • Pre-lease renewal gift surprise

Download the Piñata app as soon as you receive our welcome email. Contact our office directly with questions.

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