First Time Home Buyer

Owning a home is a dream most individuals hope to achieve, but the path to home ownership isn’t always clearly marked. This challenge often leaves many prospective homeowners with questions and anxiety.

Through the TierOne Real Estate Home buyer class, you can receive valuable information to not only answer the difficult questions you have, but also the knowledge and tools you need to prepare yourself for home ownership and it’s FREE!

Home Buyer Education Course

Come and learn the “ins” and “outs” of buying a home. This class covers all home buyer education requirements for any loan or down payment program. You will gain knowledge in regards to shopping for a lender and loan programs, become familiar with loan documents, and a lot more.

Our mission:  To give potential first time home-buyers the skills needed to become successful homeowners. In addition to the above information, participants with any credit/or budgeting problems will be given the opportunity to meet with an adviser to come up with a plan to address their individual issues.

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