Investing In Real Estate

Most real estate investors are aware of the terrific positive cash flow opportunities with cash-on-cash returns in double digits on single family homes. Yet many have chosen not to invest out of fear that the value of their investment property will fall. How founded is that fear? Consider what the numbers tell us. Take the […]

Americans See Homes as a Great Investment, but Wary to Buy

If everything tells you the time to buy is now, then … maybe you should do something about that? So you have a little money saved, and you’re wondering how to invest it. Should you buy stocks? Bonds? And what about those commercials about gold I keep seeing on TV? Actually, if you ask most […]

Salt Lake City’s rental market among nation’s best for investors

Salt Lake City once again ranks among the best U.S. cities for investing in rental properties. All Property Management, a trade group for those who own and manage apartments and single-family rental homes, says Utah’s capital is the sixth best urban market for rental investments among Western cities. And it rates as the ninth best […]

How much do Real Estate Agents really make?

When you hear that a Realtor is a ‘Multi-Million Dollar Producer’ – do you automatically assume they’ve banked multiple millions of dollars? How much money would you guess an agent takes home after closing 1 million dollars worth of sales? a.)     one MILLION dollars (Said in Dr. Evil’s voice.) b.)     $100,000 c.)      $1,000 d.)     somewhere […]

Beware of Scams and Other Internet Fraud

The following is an article By Diane Tuman posted on Zillow that really gets to the heart of an issue we’ve witnessed right here in Utah. There’s stories across the country of people being scammed by for Sale or Rent posts. Of course the article focuses on Zillow but we’ve seen it on, Craigslist […]

Should I use a Property Manager?

Finding the right property manager is vital to preserving the property’s value and maximizing income. Property markets are growing and there are no shortages on tenants. A professional property managements company does more than just collect rent for you. To manage your property, minimize vacancies and maximize returns requires a few things. Like Industry specific […]