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Things landlords can do today to prepare for winter
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Things landlords can do today to prepare for winter

Things landlords can do today to prepare for winter

Most people think of fall maintenance, but preparing your rental property for winter is also very important.  If you put off potential issues now it could be disastrous later on. The simple repairs could cost you a lot more.

  1. Prune hedges, shrubs and branches. Snow and ice can weigh down the trees and break the branches, which depending on location could create damage to the property or the tenants property. Trim them back to prevent damage to the home.  You don’t want branches rubbing again the side of the property during a wind storm.
  2. Clear the rain gutters. This seems like a no brainer but it often goes unnoticed until everything is frozen, which makes clearing the gutters very difficult. You want to clear out the leaves and debris to prevent the water from pooling on the roof, but also make sure the drain spouts are clear so the water doesn’t create an ice hazard where someone could get hurt.
  3. Inspect the roof. It’s easier to repair the roof when the weather is nice than in the middle of winter when the roof is cover in snow and ice.
  4. Winterize the sprinkler system. If your rental property has a sprinkler system you want to empty them of any leftover water to prevent them from freezing and bursting. This is a small task but has a huge impact.
  5. Take care of the AC Unit. If your rental property has as you will want to shut it down for the winter. Clean out the debris and cover the unit. Protecting the unit will ensure it’s ready to start up in the summer.
  6. Inspect the heating system. Turn the system on, make sure it fires up property and is ready and working for winter. Change the furnace filter and make sure all the vents are open and ready as well. This will prevent emergency calls from tenants.
  7. Check alarms. Both smoke detectors and Co2 detectors are essential to keep tenants safe and your rental property safe. Co2 detectors are critical in the winter as tenants have all the windows closed and the house sealed up.

The sooner you think about winter the more prepared your rental property will be ready for the winter snow and ice. This will make the work you have to do during the bad weather almost nonexistent. The time to prepare is before the first big storm. Your property will be able to withstand everything winter throws at your home.

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