We work hard to find the best tenants for your property. But sometime despite all the work, tenants hit a rough patch and stop paying rent. We want to protect you if these ever happen at your property. Below is a list of programs we have developed in order to protect you and your property if there is ever an eviction.

Eviction Shield

We certainly hope no client ever has to endure the unpleasant and untimely frustration of an eviction but let’s face a reality – evictions happen. No matter how well or strict our screening process of selecting qualified tenants is, we cannot predict the future. Sometimes life-changing situations happen (loss of employment, reduction in work hours, pay cut, death in family, divorce, etc.) When this happens, a tenant may find it hard or impossible to pay rent. When a tenant does not pay rent, does not move out, and we exhaust all our options, the only legal recourse is eviction.

In Utah, an eviction normally takes from 25-30 days and costs range from $400 to $1,500. Eviction Shield will cover the costs of an eviction up to $1,500.


Rent Shield

No company or person can predict the future, but you can protect it for only $10 per month.

Most landlords know it’s not a privilege to have rent coming it, it’s an absolute necessity. Without regular payments at least a few days in advance of your mortgage payment, things could get a little stressful. For this one single reason, many landlords look for a rent protection program for security and peace of mind. This program combined with our Eviction Shield and Damage Shield programs make up the Ultimate Shield protection program. While each are individual programs they are best used together to minimalize an owner’s liability from an inevitable loss of rental income caused by even the most well intentioned tenants.

In Utah, an eviction normally takes from 25-30 days. Time is critical when it comes to an eviction and our Rent Shield will pay one month’s lost rent up to $1300 to help while the eviction process in being completed.

Damage Shield

Worry no more about damages or about the security deposit not covering damages. Physical damage to your rental property caused by a tenant continues to be a top concern for most landlords. We offer a unique program to protect your rental from tenant damage that you won’t find with any other property management company in Utah. Typical homeowner’s insurance is often not an option, insufficient, or unavailable due to a higher deductible as well as for non-accidental exclusions for damage. The cost-benefit of an insurance claim is just not there for most damages. That is where Damage Shield comes in to play.

By enrolling in Damage Shield, any damages deemed to be that of the tenant’s responsibility will be covered up to $1,300. Of course, this excludes normal wear and tear of items typically of an owner’s responsibility.

Example: John Doe enrolled his property into the Damage Shield program and has a $1000 security deposit on his property. His tenants have caused $2300 worth of damage that is not normal wear and tear. This leaves $1300 of unexpected repair bills. In this example, TierOne will schedule the necessary repairs so that the property can be brought back to its rentable condition at no additional cost to the owner.

Ultimate Shield

Your rental property deserves piece of mind. The Ultimate Shield protection program is the most comprehensive protection found in Utah. The Ultimate Shield combines the three Shield programs (Rent Shield, Eviction Shield, and Damage Shield) into one complete, wide ranging, protection package. For only .82 cents per day you will have defense from the three things that will strip the most amount of money from your pocketbook.

Eviction Shield will protect you from loss of up to $1500 in eviction costs

Rent Shield will protect you from loss of one month’s rent up to $1300.

Damage Shield will protect you from loss of up to $1300 in tenant damages

While each are individual programs, they are best used together to minimalize an owner’s liability from an inevitable loss of rental income caused by even the most well intentioned tenants.

Enrollment into any Shield protection program is permitted only for leases initiated and executed within the first 30 days of the Property Management Agreement.

Rent Shield – $10

Eviction Shield – $10

Damage Shield – $10


Ultimate Shield (all three) – $25