General Maintenance Requests

If you need a repair, please log on to your tenant portal to submit a work order, or Email. All maintenance requests must be submitted in writing.

Emergency Maintenance Requests

In the time of immediate assistance, please call our emergency line, 801.686.8437. Emergency maintenance work includes:

·         Any Water Leaks·         Sewer Backups
·         Electrical Hazard·         Fire or Flood
·         Storm Damage·         Broken Windows
·         Elevator Out of Order·         No Heat (if temperature under 40 degrees)
·         Ceiling Leaks (if caving in)·         No Water
·         Snow/Ice Removal in Public Area·         Overflowing Toilets


Tenant Maintenance Responsibilities

There are some maintenance issues that are the tenant’s responsibility to fix. We highly recommend getting renter’s insurance to prevent you from paying out of pocket for any damages. If you are in need of hiring a third party, please call our office for approval. These include:

  • Clogged Drains
  • Damage Caused by Negligence, Carelessness, Abuse or Intentional Misconduct
  • Pest Control (other than cockroaches or bedbugs)
  • Lockouts (refer to locksmith)
  • Break-in (refer to police)