1. Ask prequalifying questions before you take the time to show potential tenants the rental. Confirm income to pay rent, if they abide by rules like no pets, ask when they plan to move and when their current lease is up. That will give you an idea of who your tenant really is.
  2. Ask for ID. You want to make sure the potential tenant is who they say they are and this way you can make sure their legal name is on the lease.
  3. Don’t customize the process for “nice” applicants. That opens the door for scammers who know what to say. Save yourself discrimination chances by putting every tenant through the same process.
  4. Verify Everything! Check that application information is the same as the background information is the same as the background. Verify the employment and rental history.
  5. Run a background check and credit check on everyone over the age of 18. Not just the one tenant with good credit. Get the full picture.

Following these tips will help you get better tenants who pay on time and stay for a long time. Protect yourself, it’s worth it to get better tenants than quick tenants.