Invest in the Next Silicon Valley

If you’ve never heard the term “Silicon Slopes” before, I imagine it won’t be very long before you do. The term, now used promotionally by Governor Gary Herbert, refers to a collection of information technology and software development firms located throughout the Salt Lake City metropolitan area and surrounding communities. It is within a two-hour […]

7 Key Mistakes Beginner Real Estate Investors Make

After investing in real estate for the last 15+ years I’ve had my share of mistakes. Luckily they’ve only been small because I always had a plan and I always had more than one exit strategy. I’ve always invested for the long term so watching the latest fix and flip craze leave so many people, […]

Top do-it-yourself home improvements

One question that we Realtors get asked regularly by folks who are listing their homes for sale is what do-it-yourself home improvements would be most beneficial in selling their home. HomeGain just released the results of their annual survey, Home Sale Maximizer.  This survey covers the top do-it-yourself home improvements as recommended by Realtors, and […]

Do You Tithe Thyself

How much money do you give to charity? How much of your hard earned cash do you give your church? How much of your income do you give others?  Others, you feel, need it more than you. Don’t get me wrong. There is a need for donations. Donations build churches, schools, orphanages and other ‘things’ […]